Wholeness Necklace

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“Feel whole, this story is yours”

Silver is the metal of the moon, wearing it is a way to integrate its energy in our daily life, to be inspired, to be blessed, healed, loved, guided and motivated by it.

Length of pendant: 1 1/2”    Width of pendant: 1/2”

Size of stone: 3/8” (approx. 4.7 mm)    Length of Chain: 18”

Handcrafted hook closure

ZENPUI necklaces are made with the intention to bring power to our hearts and the way we approach life, they are a reminder to maintain pure intentions in our daily lives. When the pendant falls close to the heart, it influences our emotions, when it does on the solar plexus, it influences our will and what we express with non verbal communication, when it falls close to our throat, it influences what we express through our voice.