Thunderegg Necklace
Thunderegg Necklace

Thunderegg Necklace

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“Get aligned with your cosmic nature”

This Thunderegg comes from Central Oregon, directly from the land owner. It displays a beautiful array of colors from off white, grey, beige and blue, it is very earthy and celestial at the same time.

Thunderegg is the kind of stone that atunes us to our cosmic nature to our soul family and to a path that brings the divine into this realm, the intangible into the tangible, the abstract into shape, great for manifesting and connecting with people that increase our capacity to do so. 

When a stone is close to our heart it assists us in resonating from within the vibration that attracts what our heart desires without ego, preconditions or limitations, it aligns our inner world with our outer world and it works in a way that allows us to sustain that vibration until its manifestation occurs.