Three Moons
Three Moons

Three Moons

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Blessing: "The moon is here to remind us that everything changes and the synchronicity of its timing is perfect."

This custom made pendant is reversible and it rotates in its horizontal axis, great for anxious hands to release stress. The moon changes phases constantly and from this perspective it simply accepts its nature and makes a beautiful display of it, us humans have a lot to learn from nature, only by observing we allow her spirit to transmit its knowledge.

Amanda came to me with a custom cut Lapislazuli, a beautiful specimen that has a complete different color on each side, in all the 15 years of jewelry making I have and about the same time of crystal loving I had never seen a Lapislazuli like this. Naturally the setting had to be as unique as the stone, each side has a different aesthetic one is a prong setting and the other one a hammered frame, both allowing the stone to take center stage.

I had previously collected and charged some river water in the eclipse of 2017 and I added some magic to the pendant. Synchronized enough, the day Amanda gave me the stones, the sun was in Aquarius, the opposite sign of where the eclipse happened and it was ready when the moon was in Leo, the sign where the eclipse happened.

Materials origin: Sterling Silver recycled in the USA

Lapislazuli: From the lapidary that cut it

Product manufacturing: Philomath, OR

Note: If you want something similar, we can find someone local to cut the stones for us, just mention what stone you are interest in the message and we'll get back to you with a quote.