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Crystal Moon Necklace
Crystal Moon Necklace

Crystal Moon Necklace

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Connect with the truth from within and expand it to your world.

This necklace is made with the intention to nurture our moon and everything it brings us. Our moon is determined by the particular influence it has on us, which is different from person to person. The moon represents the different phases of our lives, our emotional self, our capacity to nurture, to bring seeds to fruition.

Crystal Quartz is well known for their programming properties, but I have the perception, we should free the crystal from what it was programmed to do and connect with an energy of love that aligns both, the wearer and the crystal to the path of truth.

This necklace is made with hammered copper, sterling silver and crystal quartz. 

WARNING: If you are someone that is feeling moody, with sudden changes of attitude, feelings, energy or work with people like that on a daily basis, you should not use crystal quartz because it could amplify that behavior; you need something to soothe you, rose quartz would be a good alternative. You want Crystal Quartz when you are in good energy and want to increase that, it is great for people that give conferences, teach workshops and that move a lot of energy, it is the stone to use when you have a clear intention and are already taking action towards the path of less resistance. It is also advisable to use crystal quartz with other stones, crystals or gemstones.