Belonging Necklace
Belonging Necklace

Belonging Necklace

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Blessing: "Connect with your true essence, it will show you where you belong."

This Black Star Diopside necklace is made with the intention to connect with a state of belonging which allows us to adapt to changes and develop stability despite transformations.  The way to connect with our true essence is to connect with the purity in our hearts, which connects us to the purity in everything.

Using a black stone has a grounding effect, assisting in the activation of our root Chakra. The more connected we are with ourselves, the more connected we are to others, to earth and the universe, when we have that connection, we belong everywhere.


Outer circle: 1 1/2"

Inner Circle: 3/4"

Chain: 18"

Handmade Hook Closure

Sterling Silver Recycled in the USA

Star Diopside Origin: Unknown (Purchased from an independent distributor years ago)

Product Manufacturing: Philomath, OR

Sizes are approximate, allow for slight changes due to handcrafted nature of our products. Everything is made to order, allow 2-3 weeks to ship after the order is placed.