Infinity Garnet Necklace

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Blessing: "Connect to the infinite power of knowing the self."

Rhodalite Garnet is a great companion for emotional well being, teaching us to achieve inner alignment and finding the spiritual path that resonates with the essence of the heart, pure love, that is.

The symbol of infinity and the swirling of the pendant is a reminder that everything moves in an expansive manner and there are neither beginnings, nor ends, just the process and the way we connect to it. Allow the essence of pure love in the universe to guide your mind, heart, soul, vibration, thoughts, actions and being.


Width: 1 1/2"

Length: 3/4"

Sizes are approximate, allow for slight changes due to handcrafted nature of our products. Everything is made to order, allow 2-3 weeks to ship after the order is placed. Available until supplies last.