Eclipse Ring
Eclipse Ring
Eclipse Ring

Eclipse Ring

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This custom made piece was inspired by the Solar Eclipse of 2017. Nate knew at that moment that Yadira was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He envisioned a ring that had a round black stone, we worked with a local rock shop to choose the stone and cut it, initially we thought of Obsidian, which can be found in Oregon, but it can break easily, the guys at the rock shop suggested us to use Basinite, which can be found in Oregon as well, it is of volcanic origin, it doesn't break easily and it's more suited for daily use, Yadira is a farmer, so she needed a piece of jewelry that could withstand the demands of her occupation.

Basinite is a grounding stone, the way it works is soothing and subtle, it allows the wearer to integrate experiences of self-realization, it heals through the recognition of one's essence, the inner journey and the manifestation of one's purpose on this earthly experience.

We sourced 14K Palladium White Gold because Yadira has a sensitive skin and we wanted to avoid the use of nickel, some gold alloys have nickel in them, this gold is recycled in a facility in New Mexico and we used it to create the structure for the ring.

Note: The price is dependent on personal preference, dimensions and materials, click on the contact button if you'd like to speak further about your preferences and we will contact you to provide a proper quote.