Cora Ball

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Thinking about how to make your laundry more sustainable? The Cora Ball is a solution to the millions of particles of micro-plastics released to the ocean when we do laundry. Synthetic fibers release small particles every time they are washed, capture them by simply adding your Cora Ball to your washer.

The Cora Ball is a new kind of laundry ball. Inspired by the way coral filters the ocean, the Cora Ball collects our microfibers into fuzz we can see, so we can dispose of them in the right way. At the same time, Cora Ball helps PREVENT microfibers from breaking off your clothes, reducing the total amount produced and protecting your clothes. Together, we can keep these microfibers out of our waterways and our ocean. It's a simple step that has a big impact wash after wash. 

Made in Vermont