We produce everything in small batches in our studio in Portland, OR. We use a production approach that reduces waste as much as possible, using fabric remnants to make accessories and this applies to jewelry as well, every scrap of metal is recycled and aside from the sample piece, everything is made to order.

We source our materials taking environmental impact into account and procure to source fair trade. Our metals are recycled and processed in the USA in a facility powered by renewable energies, our gemstones have been purchased throughout the years in small batches, from rock shops, independent distributors and lapidaries along the journeys of the designer and we are moving towards using only stones that are mined and cut in the USA.

Our fabric choices are made of natural fibers or manufactured fibers made with natural materials, in the rare case we use synthetic fibers, these are dead-stock or purchased from seamstresses that are retiring from the business.

Pictures coming soon, in the mean time, feel free to reach out if you have additional questions about our sustainable practices.