Rings by ZENPUI-14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver
Rings by ZENPUI-14K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver
Equilibrium Rings Pair

Equilibrium Rings Pair

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Blessing: "Appreciate the beauty in imperfections, you'll live lighter, graceful and grateful."

The intention of this pairing of rings is to evoke both female and male energy to generate equilibrium in a subtle way.

The brushed finish of the sterling silver ring incentivizes the appreciation for human nature. In a way we are wired to look for perfection, when it doesn't exist in this world, learning to appreciate the little details allows us to become more content with what we get. Silver symbolizes the moon, connecting us with its nature.

The 14K Gold ring connects us with the divine nature of our higher self, the hammered finish has the same effect on us than that of hammering metal, it rearranges the molecules to make it stronger. Yellow Gold symbolizes the male sun and Rose Gold the female sun (Venus).


Brushed Sterling Silver Band: Width 0.8cm (~3/8 inches), Thickness 1.3mm (16 GA)

Hammered 14K Gold Band: 1.3mm (16GA)