Divine Feminine Ring

Divine Feminine Ring

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“Manifest your Divine Feminine into existence”

This ring is made with the intention of connecting with the essence of the feminine. Remember the popular saying “all that glitters is not gold”? The matte finish is a way to invoke the guides to help us recognize the truth in everything we do.

Made with 14K Rose Gold this ring represents the union between the Sun and Venus, being gold the metal associated with the sun and copper the one of Venus, rose gold has copper in its alloy.

What is the Divine Feminine?

Femininity is subtle, intuitive, adaptable, caring, nurturing, sensitive, loving, grateful, enchanting, hopeful, receptive, you keep going. The roles defined by it are ways in which it manifests, we choose how we want to manifest it, how we direct energy to it, when to give it shelter, when to give it a venue for expression; we have our whole lives to connect to it, to get to know her in every stage and shape; enJOY the process!!!!!

Incarnating the female energy is becoming a bridge of life, it is nurturing with love everything we give to the world. Connect with that very essence of pure love within and allow it to manifest in whichever way it manifests through us; the gift to each one of us, is that only we can manifest it the way we are meant to, no one else can.

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