Bat Animal Moon
Bat Animal Moon
Bat Animal Moon
Bat Animal Moon
Bat Animal Moon

Bat Animal Moon

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Custom Made Animal Moons have three elements:

1. A copper crescent moon

2. An animal of your choice

3. A stone of your choice

Each element has a meaning:

1. The Crescent Moon is a way in which the universe smiles at us. It is the phase of the moon, in which everything starts growing, expanding, evolving. Since it is made out of copper, a metal that represents Venus, it connects us to womanhood, to the power of attraction, love, abundance. Copper is used in every cable and it is a excellent energy conduct. It has been said that copper increases the healing capabilities of everything that enters in contact with it.

2. Sterling Silver Animal, each animal is hand-drawn and then cut into metal. The idea is for the wearer to choose something meaningful for him/her. There are different cultures that assign specific meanings to animal, I prefer to allow the moment I live to determine which animal transfers its skills to me, sometimes they come in dreams, others they come as something we constantly see or as a resonance. We will share with you the meaning behind your choice.

3. Stones and minerals have been on earth for longer than we have. They have experienced transformations under extreme circumstances that made what they are. Each one has healing capabilities. Some of us have a magnetism to certain stones and I believe that is the best way to choose a stone, although there are books and people that have been studying their properties for a long time and that is also a good way to choose them. Price is for semi-precious stones. 

There is a non-refundable $55 fee on each custom made piece, you will receive a picture of a drawing before we start the production process and after approval your piece will go into production. We are committed to your satisfaction and if there are any functional defects on your piece, we will gladly fix it at no extra cost to you. If you have a stone that is special to you, we would gladly set it. Please e-mail us at with the specifications of your Animal Moon. Price may vary depending on stone choices.

Note: The bat, stone and dimensions in the picture are for reference, this specific piece is with its keeper and cannot be reproduced exactly as it is in the picture.