Conscious Integration Necklace
Conscious Integration Necklace

Conscious Integration Necklace

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Blessing: "Allow consciousness to integrate your inner and outer world, allow it to guide you towards your purpose."

This amethyst necklace is made with the intention of finding alignment within ourselves. The idea is to connect with our higher self, maintain that state as much as possible and have the awareness to go back to it, that creates the connection between our inner and our outer world that shows us the path particular to our existence.

What is purpose? Is it the why? The way? The end? Some live without it, some cannot live without it. Purpose is subjective and each one of us has to find its concept, what I know for certain is that when we develop peace within ourselves, we are able to see everything for what it is, purpose becomes clear and we become aligned with the sacred fire that creates and destroys everything.



Outer circle:1. 1/2"

Inner circle: 3/8"

Amethyst size: 3 mm

Sterling Silver Origin: Recycled in the USA

Amethyst Origin: Africa, cut in India

Production: Philomath, OR

Sizes are approximate, allow for slight changes due to handcrafted nature of our products. Everything is made to order, allow 2-3 weeks to ship after the order is placed.