Moon Phase Synchronicity

There's something about aligning ourselves to a natural rhythm, the more we connect to nature, the more we connect to out nature. It creates a deeper connection to the essence of life and a wordless communication with the universe.

The moon not only inspires and has been a muse for many artists and creators, it's a guide into our essence, a sign of our cyclical nature and a teacher of adaptation. The moon is feminine, how we nurture ourselves and others, how we fulfill our needs, first by recognizing them, then, by finding a way. The moon is intuition, inspiration, emotion, creativity. It teaches us that emotions could be intense and it's ok to let them be, recognize them, honor them, live them and love them. Accept them as an essential part of your being. I want to share a quick guide on moon phases:

1. New Moon: A beginning, an opportunity to start fresh, to plant seeds of intentions. New moons are good to cleanse crystals, a good solution is just sea salt and water (depending on the stone! Some of them, like selenite, calcite would dilute in water). You can also bury them in soil or rice for a few days, place them on a big chunk of salt or smudge them.

2. Fist Quarter: I like to call it crescent quarter. When the moon is in this phase, it asks us to check in on the intentions we set with the new moon. It teaches us how we fortify that intention with action and to evaluate the place where those intentions came from. If intentions, goals, desires don’t come from a place of consciousness, we can revise them.

Let’s say intentions aren’t written in stone, they’re written in the sky. We don’t achieve anything with intention alone, we need to take action, make decisions, be present for us and our goals, dreams, milestones.

3. Full Moon: Revelations, in this time everything comes to light, what was hidden in the darkness can be seen and it informs us of blind spots we had. Using astrology as a guide, the time to see manifestation of intentions set when the moon is in a specific time, is on full moon. This process takes approximately six months, showing us that in order to create something, we need to give it time.

Catch the moon in your crystals, your gemstones, elements of power, talismans, heirlooms and everything that accompanies you throughout your journey.

4. Third Quarter: I like to call it waning quarter. It's a phase to reflect, to look at the past and digest what we've learned. It's a time to re-evaluate our strategy, to review and optimize our course of action. In this time is good to take some time apart to re-connect with ourselves, check in with our inner wisdom.

We carry moon phases in multiple ways at the shop, here are a few products that remind us of that natural cycle.

Thank you for reading!

Anielis Raas (Ani), Owner

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