Keeping those goals and resolutions we set at the beginning of the year

It's been an odd start to 2021, but it's also a continuation of the challenges lived in 2020. This is a reminder that although we have constructed beginnings and ends, these are just that, constructions. The natural rhythm is continuous, as we connect to nature and our nature, we synchronize with the universal timing. Setting resolutions at the beginning of the year is a guide and a way to focus on our goals, but we cannot just write them down and forget about them.

In this opportunity I want to share 3 ways to maintain our focus on resolutions or goals for the year ahead:

1. Write it down in a place that you can read and check in every now and then. Use a natural cycle to do a check-in with your goals, new moons are an excellent time to do that. Figure out if you need to check in weekly, monthly or quarterly and hold yourself accountable for following through. 

2. Set SMART goals. Each letter stands for a characteristic of your goal. Be specific, make it measurable, assignable, relevant and time-based. It's not the same to say "I want to get more clients this year" than saying: "I want to increase my client base by 50% the first half of the year." Go a little further and break down your goals by tasks, that's a way to assign some responsibility and progress as time goes on, make it so you're able to perceive that progress.

3. Elevate your energy to the level of your goals. Take the time to center yourself and experience the achievement of your goals before you live them, use it as a way to attract what you want to manifest. There are plenty of ways to do this and it's up to you how you want to do it. Meditation is a way, contemplating the horizon, a landscape, a fire, walking in nature, creating an environment of inspiration, you name it, discover it! 

It's important to tune in to one's higher self, this aligns us internally and with the world around us.

At the shop we carry some art to create those environments of inspiration, the ones I'm sharing here, are made my Lea Tawd, checkout the details here. I'm also sharing a notebook with a wood cover made my Tumalo Manufacturing, along with the Oregon shaped table on the picture.

Thank you for reading!

Anielis Raas (Ani), Owner


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