Amethyst February Birthstone

I didn't want the month to go by without telling you a bit more about this wonderful stone, Amethyst. Amethyst is the first stone I got in contact with for meditation and healing purposes. It is a variation of quartz and can be found in many places, it has an array of purple shades. This stone has the property of connecting to the realms of spirituality. It is a stone to develop psychic abilities, it is a good introductory mineral for the exploration of the self.

This is a stone of transformation, it changes the way we focus energy, thoughts, feelings and perception. It assists in lighting up our being (in a sense of light and weight). Stress generates a density that can be perceived in any aspect of our life, either in the way we think or the energies we manage, even on the environment. Amethyst works in a way that cleanses the cause of the density.
One of the properties of this stone is to connect to higher frequencies, to energies that rise our consciousness. It expands the perceptions in a way that liberates the attachment to the things that we can only see and opens our eyes to what is beyond the tangible. It connects us to our higher being, to the knowledge that lies within the guides of our evolutionary process.
Therefor, this stone produces ways to find inner peace, to balance energies within, in order to sooth our experience on earth. Amethyst is a keeper for healing processes. Placing it around  generates an Aura of custody in order to be safe to explore the light that comes from within and the darkness that needs to be lighted in order to transmute and neutralize polarity.
Thank you for reading and being here! Bellow the signature there are few pictures of my work with amethyst. Feel free to make an appointment with me to discuss your project with amethyst.
Anielis Raas (Ani)

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